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At Loan Lenders we accept all types of Gold for cash (scrap/broken pieces, jewellery, bullion, coins, sovereigns, rings, old Gold and more.

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Get the BEST PRICE for your Gold per gram! Do you have old or broken gold, silver, or platinum chains, watches, earrings, or other jewellery and want to get some FAST CASH? We offer an immediate, secure, private and no-fuss service for instant CASH against luxury items. Unlike other gold buyers and jewellery stores, Loan Lenders will pay you cash on the spot, – not a check mailed at a later date

Our offer will not be matched anywhere in the Gold Coast.

We pay the best prices for any gold on the Gold Coast. Sell your gold to us and get instant cash. We’re one of the premier gold buyers in Australia.

Many gold buyers will only offer you cash for the gold apparent on the item (not including additional gemstones, etc).

ONLY at Loan Lenders do we offer the best price for gold (per gram) on the Gold Coast with extra cash paid for additional pieces (such as gemstones like Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds, Tanzanites or Sapphires)

As one of the region’s most established Pawnbrokers we can also offer you a short term loan on your gold if you are unwilling to permanently part with your valuables.

Get to know your gold

What is Hallmarking? What is a Carat or a Karat? Is 9K or 22K more valuable?

Hallmarking is quality control which dates back to the 14th century when Goldsmiths took their wares to Gold Guilds throughout Europe where metal was tested (or assayed) for purity.

All Gold will be stamped (hallmarked) based on the standard in the country it is produced.

Technically the term for grading Gold is Karat (K/Ct). The lowest Karat grading is 8 (also known as 333, which tells us how much gold is present, in this case 33.3%)

9K (or 375) is 37.5% Gold and is common in Australia countries.

10K is also recognised as 416 or 41.6% Gold.

14K or 585 is 58.5% gold

15K, or 625 is 62.5 % gold which was discontinued over 80 years ago. A good indicator that the piece is old.

18K or 750 is 75% gold. Most quality pieces are 18ct. Minimum standard in Italy.

22K or 916 is 91.6% gold, found mainly in Asia and the Middle East. Very soft.

24K or 1000 is PURE gold – this is too soft for most jewellery manufactures.

When checking for hallmarks, some classifications mean that the metal is not solid Gold (stamps like EP, CP, HGP are Electroplate, Gold Plate, etc). Often this means that the Gold has been rolled and is not of high quality.

For more information about your gold pieces and how much you can get for them, please bring them into our store in Southport or call us on 07 5531 1422 today!


Your assets are always safe and secure at Loan Lenders. We ensure your assets are stored in high security vaults.

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