Personal Loan Application

1 Personal Details
2 Employment Details
3 Bank Statements
4 ID Check
5 Income & Expenses
6 Finish

In order to assess your loan we need your last 3 months of bank statements. This is a responsible lending practice required before we can approve your loan. Please type your full name in the box below and follow the instructions.

If you prefer. Email your bank statements to

Upload Identification

Please choose 3 forms of ID (one with a photo) to upload to our secure servers.

Acceptable forms of ID are:

  • PassportBirth certificate
  • Driving licence
  • Proof of age card
  • Medicare card
  • Concession card
  • Centrelink card
  • Utility / phone bill
  • Marriage certificate

Please take a photo or scan your ID then click on the choose file box below to attach.

Accepted formats are Jpg, Png or PDF.

Total Income​ $[field97+field100]

Please input all expenses below as per your pay period. If you get paid weekly then please list all weekly expenses. If you get paid fortnightly please list all fortnightly expenses. If you get paid monthly please list all monthly expenses.

Total Income​ $[ field97 + field100 ]

Total Expenses $[field96+field101+field102+field103+field104+field105+field106+field107+field108+field109+field110+field111]

Disposable Income $[ (field97+field100)-(field96+field101+field102+field103+field104+field105+field106+field107+field108+field109+field110+field111)]

Thank You For Filling Out Your Application

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