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Established over 10 years ago, Loan Lenders’ reputation as the most trusted money lenders in the Gold Coast is unrivalled

Our experience and understanding of your valuables enables YOU to receive the maximum loan against your items, based on current market values.

Gold, Silver and Platinum

Fine Jewellery

Mobile Phones


Luxury Watches

Designer Handbags

Fine Art


And More....


Get the Cash You Need

Once we view your item, it is valued by one of our experts. We offer an immediate, secure, private and no-fuss service for instant CASH against your valuables so NO CREDIT CHECK NECESSARY

Pay the Loan & get it back

Once you’ve paid back the loan, you get your item back, it’s that simple! No forms to fill out no waiting times or hoops to jump through. We pride ourselves on this being a customer focused area of our service.

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Better Appraisals. Better Loan.

At Loan Lenders, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all appraisal approach – jewellers don’t value cars and watch experts don’t value art. That’s why we partner with renowned experts in their respective fields to give you the best appraisal and loan or buy offer we possibly can.
The Loan Lenders team is constantly researching and staying on top of contemporary market trends, commodity daily spot prices, significant auction results and financial market indicators to ensure our loan/buy service is at peak industry standard.

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What are the benefits of using Loan Lenders?


No client credit checks, or proof of income required with your
verified assets acquired as security.


No income verification, no calls to employers or financial


Instant approval on receipt and authentication of your valuable


Access the cash you need on your terms with no early penalty
fees and no hassle.


Enjoy a 100% transparent yet flexible exchange process from
start to finish.


No complicated financial contracts or ongoing fees.