Handbag Cleaning

We offer a cleaning service solution for individuals looking to restore and maintain the beauty of their beloved designer handbag, shoes, belt or wallet.

Whether it’s a luxury designer bag or a treasured everyday bag, our professional cleaner specializes in removing dirt, stains and wear from various types of materials to revive the bags appearance and extend its lifespan.

This service involves a meticulous cleaning process tailored to the specific needs of each handbag, our professional cleaner has expertise handling a wide range of materials such as leather , suede, fabric, and exotic skins, ensuring that the cleaning products and techniques used are safe and effective for each type of material.

The cleaning process begins with an inspection to assess the condition of your handbag and identify any specific areas of concern, such as stains, scuffs, or discolouration. Our trained cleaner then proceeds with gentle cleaning methods to remove dirt and grime without causing damage to the material or hardware of the handbag.

Depending on the material and extent of cleaning needed, services may include :

Spot cleaning

Stain removal 

Leather conditioning 

Colour touch-ups

Leather re-painting


Overall revitalisation of the bags appearance.

Our professional handbag cleaner uses specialized tools and cleaning solutions to achieve optimal results while preserving the integrity and quality of your handbag.

Our handbag cleaning service provides a convenient and cost-effective solution for maintaining the beauty and longevity of your handbag, helping you preserve your investment and enjoy your cherished accessories for years to come!

Louis Vuitton Neverfull before internal clean

Louis Vuitton Neverfull after clean

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