We lend on a vast range of fine art and antiques – including paintings, sculpture and porcelain articles. Framed prints to acrylic paintings and

No Credit Checks

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Access the Cash You Need

Each piece or work is unique and appraised by our qualified in-house antique and art appraiser who’ll always give you the best possible market offer. Appraisals are no obligation and free of charge.

We appraise fine art and antiques based on:

  • Art & sculpture: we accepts renowned artists including, Pro Hart, David Bromley, Ray Crooke, Sidney Nolan. Brett Whitely, Anthony Lister, Robert Dickerson and others.
  • Antiques: we accept all types of precious antiques and artifacts that display uniqueness, age, rarity, high quality craftmanship, precious metals and makers marks.
  • Condition: Excellent, good, fair and poor condition are appraisal factors.
  • Provenance: and sales/auction history will increase te value.


Each fine art and antique appraisal is as unique as the piece being appraised and is carried out by our qualified in-house professionals. We always will offer you our best possible loan/buy offer against your assets.

The most efficient process for securing a loan against your fine art and antiques is to either visit our store or fill out our ‘Apply Now’ form, provide a description of your item/s and upload some pictures, valuation certificates or receipts are useful, along with any other information you can provide. Once we receive your application, we will make an appraisal and loan offer subject to viewing the item/s. It couldn’t be easier.

Better Appraisals. Better Loan.

At Loan Lenders, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all appraisal approach – jewellers don’t value cars and watch experts don’t value art. That’s why we partner with renowned experts in their respective fields to give you the best appraisal and loan or buy offer we possibly can.
The Loan Lenders team is constantly researching and staying on top of contemporary market trends, commodity daily spot prices, significant auction results and financial market indicators to ensure our loan/buy service is at peak industry standard.

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