How do I get a loan against my valuables?

At Loan Lenders, accessing a loan via our pawn services is an easy way to get quick cash in a secure and confidential environment. All that’s required is valid state-issued identification such as a driver’s licence and your personal valuables to use as collateral. That’s it!

No credit checks!

Unlike other loans with traditional lending institutions, we do not perform credit checks and we do not take your financial history into account, good or bad.

We only provide loans on your valuables, therefore your credit record will not be affected. Similarly, if you don’t reclaim your merchandise your credit rating isn’t affected.

We never talk to credit agencies!

What property/valuables qualify for a loan?

At Loan Lenders we accept most jewelleryluxury watchesscrap gold, broken/unwanted jewellery, designer handbagsfine art, collectables or selected electronics to guarantee a loan. This is perhaps the easiest way to obtain extra money for those unforeseen emergencies.

We recommend you bring your goods into the store as it is almost impossible to determine the value without physically viewing the item in person.

View the full range of assets we will lend against.

The process to get a loan

Once you present the merchandise you wish to get a loan on, an appraisal is conducted based on the age, condition and market demand of the valuable. An offer is then made and when the loan amount is agreed upon by both parties a contract is presented. Once you sign and confirm the loan amount, maturity date (usually over three months) and interest to be paid then you receive you cash immediately.

All jewellery and valuables are placed in our state-of-the-art safe for storage and all other items are placed in secure offices within the premises.

Learn more about How our lending process works

Please note: Due to privacy laws we cannot discuss any information regarding your loan with any family or friends.

So how does it all work?

As an example, if you receive a $100 loan on November 1st at 25% interest per month, on the 1st of December the loan would have matured by $25. If you had not paid any monies towards your loan three months later (on the 1st February) the total amount payable will be $175 ($100 principal and $75 interest) in order to redeem and collect your valuables.

If at no point zero interest has been paid off then the valuable(s) become the property of Loan Lenders. However, if after three months you make a payment of $25 on the final month, this will then extend the loan for another 30 days.

If you have any concerns or issues, we recommend you contact us immediately. At Loan Lenders we will endeavor to provide you with quick, discreet, secure and personal pawnbroking service. Our professional staff will assist you throughout the process ensuring you make an informed decision.

Loan Lenders not only rely on their qualified experts, we also test your item with a device called Entrupy.

Get in touch!

Loan Lenders have been assisting people with converting their valuables into cash for many years. Visit our pawn shop conveniently located in the Southport CBD – shop 1/111 Scarborough Street or give us a call (07) 5531 1422 and our professional staff will assist you with your enquiry.

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